Jenis-Jenis Adverb dalam Tata Bahasa Inggris

Jenis-Jenis Adverb dalam Tata Bahasa Inggris

Jenis-Jenis Adverb dalam Tata Bahasa Inggris

Jenis-Jenis Adverb dalam Tata Bahasa Inggris

1. Adverb of Manner (Kata Keterangan Cara)

Adverb of manner berfungsi untuk menerangkan tentang  cara dari suatu kegiatan yang dilakukan pelaku. Adverb of Manner  ini ditandai dengan kta sifat (adjective) yang ditambah (ly) Contoh: Sadly, Happily, Bravely, Hard, Fastly, Soundly, Fairly, dan lain- lain.
Contoh dalam Kalimat
  1. Aldi runs to the toilet fastly
  2. She arranges  the book tidily
  3. Adi goes to school slowly

2. Adverb of time (keterangan waktu)

Adverb of time berfungsi untuk  menerangkan tentang waktu kapan sesuatu terjadi atau berada. Contoh : Next , Then, Now , Yesterday, Tomorrow, Later, Today, Just now,Ago dan lain-lain.
Contoh kalimat:
  1. She went to the zoo yesterday
  2. Annisa will go to Jakarta tomorrow
  3. She watched the movie last night


3. Adverb of Place (Kata Keterangan Tempat)

Adverb of place berfungsi untuk menerangkan dimana tempat suatu peristiwa terjadi . Contoh : Here, There ,Below ,Near, Infront of, Behind of, Under, Inside of, Outside of, Beside dan lain- lain.
Contoh kalimat:
  1. I am very happy tobe here
  2. She hide behind of my car
  3. Answer all of question below.

4. Adverb of Frequency ( Kata Keterangan Durasi )

Adverb of frequency berfungsi untuk menerangkan seberapa sering suatu kegiatan dilakukan. Contoh : often, never , always, frequently, sometimes, usually,rarely dan seldom.
Contoh kalimat:
  1. Wigun never prays on time
  2. Dony seldom visits museum
  3. I usually go to school early

5. Adverb of Certainty

Adverb of certainty berfungsi untuk menerangkan keyakinan atau kepastian dari suatuperistiwa. Contoh: Surely, Obviously, Definitely, Probably, Possibly, Maybe, Really, dan Doubly.
Contoh kalimat:
  1. It will probably fine tonight.
  2. She absolutely loves you so much.
  3. May be she want to go alone.

6. Adverb of Degree (Kata Keterangan Kuantitas)

Adverb of Degree berfungsi untuk menerangkan sebarapa kuantitas suatu peristiwa yang terjadi. Contoh:very, enough,rather ,fairly ,nearly, pretty,quite dan lain-lain.
Contoh kalimat:
  1. Annisa is very beautiful
  2. A glass of milk a day is enough for me
  3. His work today is quite good


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